Month: September 2017

The Smoothie Makers, Juicers, and Other Essential Items Every Runner Needs

Whether you are a runner or not, you have most likely heard someone say something along the lines of “Running is cheap sport because all you need are sneakers and the outdoors.” This is definitely not true. To start you not only need quality running sneakers, but compression pants, dry wick socks, a good sports bra, and an athletic shirt. You might also need an arm band for your phone and keys, a hat to keep your hair and the sun away from you face, and a water pack or waistband. Those are just the basics that you would have with you on the run. You might also need a variety of food items, vitamins, and supplements to keep your body healthy and able to sustain these long hours of running. Those food items, vitamins and supplements often require tools to prepare them. On top of all of that, you might need a yoga mat for training the small muscles required when you want to have proper form, and you will definitely need some sort of electronic, Wi-Fi enabled, device to keep track of your distance and pace. It sure sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Well it kind of is. That does not mean you have to waste money on useless products or worry that you have the top item. I am here to help you determine exactly what it is that you need.

A Good Pair of Sneakers

This should be the number one item on your list. Without the proper running shoes, you are going to be uncomfortable and have trouble enjoying yourself. I am committed to one style of Nike shoes that I have been wearing for the last few years. They are the Nike Relentless shoes, but I have had several different models. I go to a major retail outlet once or twice a year and pick up whatever they have on sale for that particular style.

Fitness Tracker and Application

It is so helpful for me to have a fitness application and tracker on my phone so that I can keep up with the details of each run I go on. I happen to like the free Nike App, but you can also purchase more advanced versions and the gadgets that go along with them to receive more statistics about each of our runs. Depending on what you have, you might be able to learn about your stride and your step to help you improve form.

A Great Mixer or Blender

When I first started running I also began getting into juicing because there were so many great recipes I had seen for really nutritious meals in a cup. I love the idea of sipping down some icy concoction that you made fresh for fruits and vegetables. Depending on what you like to put in your smoothie or juice, you will need to make sure the blender or otherwise has certain features. It also makes a big difference if you want a smoothie versus a juice.…