5 Smart Tips to Find the Best Blender for Your Money

Whether you are a home cook, a smoothie-shop owner, you care about your health or simply big into DIY, an invaluable addition to your kitchen is an excellence blender. However, just as it is priceless does not mean that you desire to pay any price for it.

Here are 5 smart tips to help you find an excellent blender:


This may not be the number one to look for in a blender, but it indeed helps with all you want to use it for. More power means you will not have to make your food so much when preparing a smoothie do not chop the fruits into small pieces, only let the blender do it for you. And whether your mixture is remarkably thick, a powerful blender can right through it. Anything about 1HP should work fine.

Blade Design

All the power in the world does not mean much when the blade design is not good. The blades should be able to create a vortex, pulling all in the blender down into them to be cut into a billion little pieces. And, it is good to have blades that approach the bottom of the jar, so that the food pieces do not get stuck in that mysterious area between the bottom of the jar and the blades.

Has a Plunger

Now, I know that some of the best blenders out there claim that they do not require plungers slightly. In addition, if that were true, it would be actually great. But really, from what I have seen, no blender can indeed guarantee that it does not need a little occasional shaking. Having a plunger that can jostle the food into the jar while the blender is running is a great advantage.

Can Fit Under Cabinets

Having a blender that cannot fit between the cabinets and a countertop above can be a real pain! I cannot think of how many times I would have hit my blender if it did not fit effortlessly under my cupboards and hitting a blender while its running would not be fun really.

Has a Great Warranty

If you are going to get something that you want to last for the long term, you really should ensure that you have a great warranty. For our purposes, let’s say you should have a warranty of not less than 7 years. More details here: https://www.premiereavenuebistro.com/smoothie-makers-juicers-essential-items-every-runner-needs/

But What about the Price?

Well, the price! That is actually the question here. In any case, if money was not an object, it would not be a problem finding a blender that would meet all those necessities. But finding one that does it without breaking the bank is a completely different story.

When you are making a smoothie, the ingredients such as fruits and vegetables are usually mixed with a small blender like hand blender or a stick. But when frozen foods or ice cubes are needed, the blender must have an ice crushing capacity and sufficient power to do that work well. If you do not get the best blender with the required features and the right amount of energy, you will not be able to prepare delicious smoothies.